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From Vision to Reality

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”

-Joel A. Barker

At iSeek, we’ve been fortunate to partner with numerous great companies on impactful and innovative initiatives. Each initiative started as a vision and through the actions of many became a reality.

As a boutique consulting firm, we’re often looking forward for that next great opportunity. Today, I’d like to look backward at a few of the initiatives where iSeek played a major role in turning vision into reality.

City of Birmingham Police Department

The Birmingham Police Department’s world-class Real Time Crime Center utilizes technology and data driven intelligence to aid in prevention of crime and the apprehension of the offenders responsible. The technology provides immediate real time intelligence to responding officers and investigators on high risk calls for service which improves situational awareness and increases officer safety.

With the combined efforts of iSeek’s Enterprise Project Management Group, the Birmingham Police Department’s Technical Lead, and the City’s Capital Projects project manager the Real Time Crime Center went live in October 2021. [read more]

The University of Alabama at Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is a world-class educational and research institution with an innovative Information Technology (IT) organization. UAB IT, as a technology enablement organization for the campus, endeavors to align itself with the needs of the students, faculty, and staff by developing and maintaining solutions that support the ever-changing environment with applications, tools, and access to technology.

UAB IT partnered with iSeek to design a customized shared governance framework that aligns people, process and technology to the University’s enterprise. [read more]

Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County

The legislative voting system at the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County (a.k.a. “Metro”) supports 40 Council members and several Metro departments as they develop important legislation for more than 700,000 constituents. The system is required to perform the essential functions critical to running a Council meeting, tabulating, and recording Council votes, as well as controlling display monitors and microphones. When the system began experiencing audio and technical failures, the Clerk’s Metro Office recognized the need to evaluate their options. In addition to the technical failures, the legacy solution lacked important functional features, such as storing information and automating any part of the legislative process.

After an extensive search, Metro selected iSeek to coordinate the effort, locate vendors, and oversee the implementation process. “We needed a partner to help us properly identify, procure, and deploy a fully integrated solution,” said Shannon Hall, Metro Clerk. “It was clear that iSeek understood our vision, could serve as liaison to external vendors, and would help us put the new system in place successfully.”

Cleary, our iSeek team is very thankful to have played a part in these and many other foundational, as well as state-of-the-art initiatives. We’re proud of the measurable results we produce and the personalized service we provide. We’re confident our clients feel the same about our contributions.

Please visit our website and read our case studies to learn more about these and other impactful iSeek engagements. Then contact us at to assist you in taking your initiative from vision to reality.

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