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iSeek uses an innovative approach that includes a deep-dive, root cause analysis, to help clients uncover gaps, identify inefficiencies and processes that simply don’t add value. We then collaborate with clients to customize solutions that align all aspects of the organization (business, technology, operations and management) with their organization’s vision, mission and strategies.

Execution of these core disciplines empower our clients to reach alignment and make transformational changes, such as optimized performance, increased efficiency, best use of technology investments, achievement of strategic growth goals and objectives, all which result in increased revenue and a solid foundation for long-term success.

  • Process Optimization – enhancing and automating inefficient or misaligned processes
  • Business to Technology Alignment – ensuring technology strategies support business goals
  • Technology Enablement and Optimization – utilizing technology to solve business challenges


Take a look at some of our alignment engagements:

Led all aspects of the client’s IT organization, including strategic initiatives, process analysis, budget management, and resource procurement for outsourced IT services.

Facilitated a series of discovery workshops to assist banking executives in defining the bank's retail delivery channel strategy, implementation roadmap, and architectural rollout plan.

Routinely partner with technology integrators to facilitate client-customized “Enterprise Business and Technology Optimization Workshops” focusing on tactical and strategic objectives.

Performed baseline assessments of processes, policies, procedures, tools, and human resources. Compared client’s baselines to industry standards. Recommend and devised applicable process and organizational improvements.

Performed troubleshooting on faulty processes, optimized business workflows, managed expenses, implemented financial controls, and oversaw human resources management.

Managed support for a Fortune 500 bank’s Deposit and Fraud applications during the client’s strategic initiative to transition from their U.S.-based legacy batch processing banking applications to a real-time international banking platform.

Helped a nationwide publishing and information services client to assess and determine actions and resources required to recover a strategic initiative that had veered significantly off track.

Partnered with an historic religious institution in re-engineering, documenting, and publishing new policies and procedures for the client’s business and administrative support services.