An Operating Model to keep pace with the Growth and Innovation of ASCs

“Ambulatory surgery centers—known as ASCs—are modern health care facilities focused on providing same-day surgical care, including diagnostic and preventive procedures.

ASCs have transformed the outpatient experience for millions of Americans by providing them with a more convenient alternative to hospital-based outpatient procedures—and done so with a strong track record of quality care and positive patient outcomes.” – Ambulatory Surgery Center Association

The Challenge

iSeek Solutions’ client, a national ASC provider, had historically relied on a collection of internal, somewhat independent teams to complete their early life-cycle diligence and acquisition stage processes with target facilities. The internal teams included Due Diligence, Integrations, IT, and a range of support services departments. These teams developed repeatable standards and processes in support of the legacy operating model that entailed the forced migration of an acquired facility to their standard operating chassis. This operating model was now rapidly changing as a result of new initiatives and customer preferences, requiring an end-to-end assessment of the current processes and operating model.

The Requirements

The scope of the assessment entailed a comprehensive evaluation of existing Diligence and Integration processes spanning initial sales meetings and due diligence through the approval and decision-making process, including the integration date and post-integration support. The goal of the assessment was to identify gaps, uncover opportunities to reengineer and innovate processes, restructure teams and deliver outcomes that aligned with the new organizational strategy. Measurable outcomes included:

  1. Achieve a highly repeatable and efficient development and on-boarding process that delivers high satisfaction to physician customers and Field Operations teams.
  2. Provide a ground-up analysis of a desired future state process, team structure, organization design and proposed acquisitions and due diligence governance model.
  3. Provide a summary of existing processes supporting these functions today, along with analysis on what can be streamlined or improved to ensure alignment with the new strategy.
  4. Develop necessary tools to support the new process (policies/procedures, etc.).
  5. Determine Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)  and methods for measuring the enhanced operating model.

The Solution

iSeek Solutions (iSeek) possessed knowledge of the ASC’s integration challenges as a result of its involvement in an IT Integration assessment led by iSeek. It was during the IT assessment that it became clear a comprehensive review of the corporate Diligence and Integrations processes was required to reach the desired level of innovation and alignment. So iSeek was engaged to perform a corporate-wide, comprehensive assessment of the Diligence and Integrations process from end to end and led the effort to develop a new Diligence and Integrations operating model that aligned with the new organizational strategy. iSeek, in collaboration with key client stakeholders, produced the following deliverables:

  1. Process Stakeholder Map or RACI Chart identifying key customers and stakeholders and the role each played in the Diligence and Integrations Process. A RACI is an acronym that stands for responsible, accountable, consulted and informed.
  2. Process Maps including actions, activity steps, decision points, inputs and outputs, teams and teammates involved, and approximate time required for each step in the action or process.
  3. Proposed revised Organizational Structure
  4. Governance and Communications Processes
  5. Tools and Techniques to build the Integration and Financial Models

The Results

As a result of the corporate-wide, comprehensive assessment, we successfully defined and developed a new Diligence and Integrations operating model that aligned and supported the new organizational strategy. iSeek’s client was able to determine and clarify non-negotiables, create a shopping cart of options and quantify the cost of each option.  Additionally, tools and techniques were developed allowing targeted facilities to easily understand the operating model, the required solutions, impacts of deviation from required solutions, and the overall costs based on selections. Repeatable and efficient processes were developed to deliver high satisfaction to all stakeholders. Where needed, the organization was restructured to align with the new operating model.

The client is now well-positioned to meet the strategic Diligence and Integrations goals and objectives through use of the new operating model and all support constructs, including alignment of people, process and technology.


“Annie and the team from iSeek Solutions helped us stay focused during a period of tremendous change.  In addition to the early project management of our transformation, iSeek helped provide the framework and tools that led us to our final solution.” –  Vice President, Diligence and Integration

“Our engagement with iSeek brought an insightful partner to the table to maintain alignment with multiple internal services organizations while contributing to an end solution that significantly increased our efficiency and effectiveness to integrate new surgical centers into our portfolio of facilities.” – Vice President, Enterprise Technologies



Date published

November 10, 2022