• Organizational

    The most critical element in any strategy is its execution.
    Fundamental to successful implementation is organizational alignment.
    iSeek Solutions will guide you through the essential process of
    aligning all aspects of your organization with your corporate strategies.

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  • Process Optimization

    If you’re not convinced that your organization needs to implement
    business process management solutions as soon as possible, there
    are quite a few reasons that should help sway you: Boosted Efficiency,
    Compliance Assurance, High Quality Results, and more. iSeek Solutions
    will provide you with an approach to Optimization that is tailored to your needs.

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  • Professional Development

    Your business should never stand still, so nor should the development of your staff, who are your key assets in driving your business forward. iSeek Solutions offers group learning and development opportunities that enable your resources to obtain professional certifications and build leadership skills to better serve your organization

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Welcome to iSeek Solutions, a division of PAC3 Technologies, Inc.

We are expert advisors and facilitators that inform and direct our clients on the benefits of aligning the people, processes, and technologies of their business to increase revenue, enhance performance and create a solid foundation for long-term success.

— Annie Allen, President & CEO of iSeek Solutions, a division of PAC3 Technologies, Inc.



Management Consulting

Management Consulting

We facilitate deep-dive and root cause analysis to help organizations refine their business strategies, improve performance and streamline operational processes.

Project & Program Management

Program & Project Managment

We facilitate engagements and initiatives such as software development, enterprise application and hardware deployment, technology, and workflow re-engineering, as well as test and quality assurance plan development.

Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

We carefully plan a strategy that aligns the right technology with business objectives, thus, equipping organizations to drive customer value and achieve growth goals.

Learning & Professional Development

Learning & Professional Development

We provide our clients with access to exceptional professional learning opportunities that will expand their employees’ knowledge, increase competence, improve effectiveness, and enhance leadership skills.

Your business challenges are our primary focus.

iSeek professionals are expert management consultants who enable our clients to identify and attain their strategic objectives.
We produce measurable results!

Tell us your challenge.

Having an external view of your organization's operations can bring innovative solutions and strengthen growth.

Whatever challenges you are facing, let's work together to build viable solutions.