“To do good work, one must first have good tools.” ~ Chinese proverb

Even in an organization with proper strategy and effective leadership, good tools, techniques, and know-how are still needed to get the job done without spending more money and resources than necessary. iSeek expert consultants get to know the business enterprise, the people, along with their roles and responsibilities, identify opportunities, problem areas, and understand their business requirements. We then equip the business with the right tools, techniques, and know-how to realize its objectives.


Acquire Tools, Techniques & Know-How Through

Business Analysis & Requirements Gathering

Identify, articulate, and facilitate change through analysis & solutions gathering

Project Management Methodologies & Tools

Resources and tools to streamline the project management lifecycle to successfully navigate challenges

Business Analysis & Requirements Gathering

Business analysis is the practice of enabling change in an organization. It is a disciplined approach by which iSeek’s skilled Business Analysts identify, articulate, and facilitate change. Requirements gathering, also a component of business analysis, is a set of elicitation techniques used to identify needs and define solutions that will maximize the value delivered by an organization to its stakeholders.

Accurately Identify and
Articulate the Need for Change

Our Business Analysis Process and Procedures (iBAPP©) resource ensures properly defined requirements, alignment of project goals and objectives, realization of benefits, avoidance of cost, identification of new opportunities, and understanding of required capabilities.

This tool is ideal for:

  • Project Management Office
  • Business Analysis Office
  • Business Analysts

Business Analysis Process & Procedures

A framework that defines processes, tools & deliverables expected during each phase of the business analysis lifecycle.

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iBAPP© Guide

Describes our iBAPP© resource & how organizations can use it to successfully implement projects.

Project Management Methodologies & Tools

Project management methodologies are a set of guiding principles and processes used to plan, manage, and execute projects.
Project Management Institute (PMI)

Whether you know it or not, your organization is constantly working on projects. Project management can feel complicated and overwhelming, especially without a good system (methodology, processes, and tools) in place to streamline things.

Why It Matters

75% Of Projects

 are “doomed from the start.” according to business and IT executives

80% Of Project Executives

don’t know how their projects align with their company’s business strategy

$50-$150 Billion

per year from the United States economy is wasted due to failed IT projects.

Fewer Than 1/3

all projects are successfully completed on time and on budget

Benefits of good project management methodologies and tools

  • Prioritized projects that align with organizational strategies
  • Improved project quality
  • Well defined requirements
  • Reduced project planning time
  • Reduced project costs
  • Proper resource allocation and vendor management
  • Reduced duplication of work and effort
  • Improved stakeholder engagement and communication
  • Identification of key performance indicators and critical success factors
  • Accurate budget management

Resources To Empower You

iSeek streamlines the project management lifecycle using industry-standard resources and expert know-how that assist us and our clients in successfully navigating the complexities of today’s business and technology challenges. Our Product Decision Matrix, Project Management Methodology, and Project Management Playbook consist of methodologies, processes, tools, and know-how to achieve project objectives that meet or exceed customer requirements.

Project Decision Matrix

Decision-making is perhaps the most important component of the planning process. Objectives, goals, strate­gies, and policies are all decided upon to regulate the performance of the business. Decisions are needed both for tackling the problems as well as for taking maximum advantages of the available opportunities.

iSeek’s Decision Matrix Tool (iDMX©) enables the evaluation of competing demands, resulting in objective decision-making based on organizational value.

This tool is ideal for:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Senior Management
  • Governance Teams

Project Decision Matrix

A factor-based measurement tool that removes subjectivity from project decisioning and prioritization.

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Describes our iDMX© resource & how it should be used for effective decision-making.

Project Management Methodology

A framework that helps you to manage your project in the best way possible

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Describes our iPMM© resource & how it should be used for managing projects

Project Management

A project management methodology is a set of principles and practices that guide you in organizing your projects to ensure their optimum performance.

Basically, it’s a framework that helps you to manage your project in the best way possible.

At iSeek, we believe that a project management methodology should be “outcome-driven”, that is, focused on the benefits of the product, service or solution being created. A well-designed methodology supported by effective tools should enable the alignment of an organization’s people, processes, and technology to its strategic goals to ensure that its expected benefits are achieved.

This tool is ideal for:

  • Project Management Office
  • Project Managers
  • Project Teams

Project Management

Many organizations struggle to develop standardized processes that consistently manage change and deliver successful project outcomes. A standardized methodology with supporting documentation yields consistency, clarity, and visibility across the organization.

iSeek’s Project Management Playbook (iPMPlaybook©) contains templates from which essential project management documents may be created.  The templates streamline the process of developing project documents and logs for managing and controlling projects.

Although the iPMPlaybook© will support most project management methodologies, iSeek recommends that the iPMPlaybook© be used in conjunction with iSeek’s Project Management Methodology (iPMM©).

This tool is ideal for:

  • Project Management Office
  • Project Managers
  • Project Leaders

Project Management Playbook

A suite of standardized tools & templates integral to managing projects through the project management lifecycle

Download iPMPlaybook© Guide

Describes our iPMPlaybook© resource & and how it should be integrated with a project management methodology to support project execution

More Solutions For Achieving Your Objectives

View our full portfolio of Solutions that enable our clients to Align, Optimize, Empower, and Succeed in all aspects of their business.

  • Align

    Clarify Purpose &
    Relevant Goals

  • Optimize

    Improve Processes & Methodologies

  • Empower

    Equip With Tools, Techniques & Know-How

  • Succeed

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