Why Hire an Interim Executive?

Business challenges, particularly those involving change, can cripple even the most successful enterprise. In an effort to make smart decisions, many CEOs and boards of directors grapple with how to navigate complex situations. One approach in particular is growing in popularity: hiring professional interim executives – often through management consulting firms – to bridge existing gaps in knowledge, skills, and leadership.

What Traits Should an Interim Executive Have?

While they vary widely in skills and abilities, the best interim executives have a few traits in common – they are dynamic and proven problem-solvers who get things done. Whether you’re experiencing a reorganization, an acquisition, or another pressing challenge, the ideal candidate has the skills, personality, and energy to help transform obstacles into opportunities.

Avoid This Common Mistake

A common mistake is to approach the interim executive search as a temp-to-hire situation. While it may work in some cases, an individual seeking a permanent position may have different priorities than a professional interim. Unlike executives hired for the long haul, the interim comes onboard to address an immediate but temporary need. In most cases, a decision has been made that requires leadership from an expert well versed in a particular area, such as change or crisis management.

So if someone has the required skills, what’s the difference? In our experience and others’, the professional interim may be less influenced by company politics, obsolete policies, and personal considerations that could affect his or her future in the organization. By definition, these experts expect and desire to share knowledge, transition leadership to another individual (or team), and basically “work themselves out of a job.” This introduces a degree of objectivity that could ultimately be the key to your success.

Can an interim executive help you through challenging times? Read this article in Fortune magazine for additional insights. To learn how iSeek can help your company overcome difficult challenges, call or e-mail us today!