Benefits of a Performance Assessment

Is your organization meeting its business goals? How do you know?

In any complex organization, there are innumerable ‘things’ that can be measured and studied. An effective assessment process focuses on those things that have the greatest impact on the way the organization functions.” Kathleen Immordino, Organizational Assessment and Improvement in the Public Sector.


Businesses and organizations, small and large, will need to evaluate their efficiency in order to improve overall performance and pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

To address the weaknesses and threats of a business or organization, one must first know the specifics – that’s when a performance assessment is essential. A performance assessment is a summative assessment tool that provides key insights when evaluating and pinpointing organizational needs, current standings, and areas of improvement. With the organization as the primary unit of analysis, performance assessments are important because they reflect how well an organization is doing to reach its vision, mission, and goals.

Some of the benefits of a performance assessment include:

  • Discovering Cost Saving Opportunities
  • Uncovering Revenue Potential
  • Increasing Operational Efficiency
  • Reducing Risk and Risk Exposure
  • Achieving Organizational Alignment
  • Realizing Vision, Mission, and Goals


Performance assessments also provide a basis for developing customized action plans to capitalize on strengths and opportunities, thereby improving overall business performances, functions, and capabilities.

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