Peeling Back the Layers

A performance assessment peels back the layers of your business uncovering issues that expose inefficiencies.  Inefficiencies mask themselves in various ways, such as unnecessary spending, unrealized revenue, costly and ineffective processes, disparate business and technology infrastructure, and the list goes on.

To locate areas in your business that impede progress and conceal opportunities, you must first identify and prioritize your internal challenges and goals.

Ask yourself, are your operations and core business functions performing at an exceptional service level?

If your answer is not a resounding ‘Yes!’, your business needs a performance assessment. The assessment will analyze the processes and practices you have in place, their core purpose, level of effectiveness, efficiency, automation, and innovation. Then propose ways to reach the intended outcome that best fits your business needs.

According to, reviewing your progress will be particularly useful if you feel:

  • uncertain about how well the business is performing
  • unsure if you’re getting the most out of the business or making the most of market opportunities
  • your business plan may be out of date, e.g. you haven’t updated it since you started trading
  • your business is moving in a direction different to the one you had planned
  • the business may be becoming unwieldy or unresponsive to market demands

It is also useful if you have decided that your company is ready to move on to another level.

In addition to improving operations and core business functions, a performance assessment could possibly save you thousands of dollars annually. The analysis gathered from the assessment will allow you to determine areas where you can potentially reduce costs and maximize revenues. The approach entails looking at your business’s spend categories such as, Telecommunications, Real Estate, Facilities and Maintenance, Office Supplies, IT (Hardware, Software, Services), etc.

A performance assessment highlights your best path for growing your business.

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