Project Management Methodology – An Out-of-the-Box Solution!

The primary goal of a Project Management Methodology (PMM) is to ensure that the objectives of each project are aligned to the people, processes and technology that support the strategic purpose of the business.  In our previous blog post PROJECT MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGY: WHAT IS IT? WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS?, we defined and explained the benefits of a PMM. A project management methodology provides an overall structure, a set of procedures, and a process flow for managing projects. A PMM guides you throughout the project, giving you steps to follow and targets to meet from the start of the project to its completion.

Now that you know the benefits of a PMM, let’s talk about iSeek Solutions’ approach to project methodology. The iSeek Project Management Methodology provides overall guidance and processes for successfully managing projects.  

As a highly skilled consulting firm consisting of certified project management professionals, iSeek has created a detailed methodology, iPMM©, to serve as an out-of-the-box resource for organizations of all sizes lacking the commensurate expertise to deliver a holistic framework for executing projects. iPMM© is easily customized to meet the needs or project management maturity level of your organization. 

iPMM© is a culmination of industry standards and best practices that provide an overall guidance and process for managing strategic projects through the project management lifecycle (PMLC). It includes the necessary processes, steps and procedures for establishing a standardized PMLC to enable a Project Manager (PM) to take a project from ideation to implementation.  The iPMM© can be applied to various types of projects of any size across multiple departments within an organization.  It is not subject to the adherence of one department, domain or industry. The iPMM© provides customers with a customizable framework that is cross-functional for developing robust project plans and strong solutions required for the execution of consistent and reliable project management across any enterprise.

Leaders at the City of Birmingham identified 6 strategic goals and 92 related initiatives to be accomplished during the Woodfin administration.  These goals and initiatives are captured in The Woodfin Way.​ City leaders realized a need to implement a formal project management methodology in order to ensure optimum success. 

Beginning with iPMM©, iSeek was able to customize a set of standard processes for managing projects at the City of Birmingham. The main goal was to provide a repeatable process with project-specific methods, best practices, rules, guidelines, templates, checklists, and other features for building quality systems that are manageable and deliver value to the organization. 

To learn more about iPMM©, Project Management Methodology, and how iSeek Solutions can help your business manage its next project, contact us today. Subscribe to our blog and stay tuned for future insights. 

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