The Art & Science of Business Solutions Architecture

The role of the business solutions architect is emerging as a critical force in the transformation of today’s enterprise. If the term is new to you, you’re probably wondering what it means and how such an expert can move your business forward. Let’s explore.

A business solutions architect, also known as a business architect, works with organizational executives to develop structures, processes, and technology plans for continuous improvement within an enterprise. Responsibilities may include:

Analyze the effectiveness of existing organizational structures, systems, and workflows
Create business capability maps that model what your business will do to reach its objectives
Work closely with the IT organization to ensure technology aligns with business strategy
Help determine whether to insource or outsource a capability, or whether to undertake a specific investment or acquisition
Provide risk assessments and compliance recommendations
Identify cost reduction and revenue-generation opportunities
So why is it important to view this role as both an art and a science? According to Computer Weekly, “Business architects have a rare combination of business domain knowledge, process experience, transformation talents, methodology skills, and a winning personality that helps with communication and business change management.”

Sound like a tall order? It can be! Add that to the fact the position is often best suited to someone looking for a limited-term commitment. That’s why more businesses are choosing to hire an experienced consultant to help them navigate 21st century business imperatives.

Want to know more? Sources such as the Architectures Center of Excellence serve as a hub for information and collaboration to advance this growing profession.

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