The Difference Between Success and Failure Begins with a Good Decision

Management Guru, Peter Drucker said “Most discussions of decision making assume that only senior executives make decisions or that only senior executives’ decisions matter. This is a dangerous mistake.

Organizations struggle to balance their existing portfolio of projects with a growing list of new demands. While managing competing projects, these organizations are expected to maintain peak performance in their core services and operations.  Therefore, deciding how to prioritize and separate the strategic and high priority projects from lower priority projects can be a grueling task.  Emotions can run high when people debate what is important to them.  This is why a structured and objective approach can be helpful in achieving consensus and balancing the needs of the entire organization, along with the priorities of each stakeholder.  Using a decision matrix is a proven technique for making tough decisions in an unbiased way.

iSeek’s Decision Matrix (iDMX©) has been used by several organizations to support structured decision-making. Our clients have benefited greatly by using our tool to objectively weigh each of their competing priorities in an effort to select what is most strategic, transformational and operationally important to their organization and stakeholders. When deciding which decision matrix tool is right for your organization, you should consider what’s included in it.  The iDMX© provides:

  • Help to consider complex and unclear constraints when there is a substantial number of benefits and value determining importance
  • A quick and easy, yet consistent, method for evaluating options
  • Enhanced objectivity by taking some of the emotion out of the process
  • A quantified way to consider decisions with numeric rankings
  • Adaptability to any priority-setting needs (projects, services, products, etc.)
  • Flexibility when used by a single person or group of stakeholders who require engagement and agreement


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