Governments Are Setting Sail Towards Functional Cloud Solutions

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (the “bill”) is historic bipartisan legislation that will make available $1.2 trillion in funding for infrastructure programs across the transportation, energy and water sectors, through a combination of grants and loans. The bill is a once-in-a-generation investment to rebuild our nation’s water, road, transit, and broadband systems, grow our economy, and create good-paying jobs. To add some perspective, it’s the largest U.S. infrastructure investment since the Eisenhower administration created the Interstate Highway System in the 1950s.

Excerpts from U.S. Congressman, Jim Costa

The Bill’s funding recipients generally are subject to a number of compliance requirements, including regulatory rules, especially for infrastructure-related initiatives. As stated in the article, Without digital project management, cities will be ‘out of the race’, experts have warned that they will need more technology to manage the programs’ permits, funding, scheduling and compliance. The article also contains a quote from Brian Wick, Vice President of Product Marketing at cloud software company Accela, a unified suite of cloud solutions at the heart of the world’s most innovative and connected governments. Accela is deployed at the City of Birmingham, Alabama. iSeek is serving as project management consultants on the configuration, deployment, and rollout of the City’s Accela solution. Today, numerous governments are setting sail towards cloud solutions or functional cloud software, illuminating the path to streamlined processes, including project management.

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